coyote Phil

Religious fiction: One God, two color schemes

I noticed the Religious Fiction part of the bookstore in Barnes & Noble the other day. When I think of religious fiction, I think of Carlos Casteneda or the Satanic Verses. (Or, well, religion.) But this was all Christian fiction.

What drew my eye was the strange color scheme. The books were a combination of soft pastels, and harsh reds and blacks, as if someone had shelved romance and horror together. The books with soft pastel covers were stories about the love God would show for you if you accepted him. The books with red and black covers were, in part, stories about what God would do to you if you didn't accept him.
coyote Phil

Children's literature

Why do people think having child protagonists is a necessary and sufficient condition to make a book children's literature?

When I was a kid, I didn't want to read stories about kids. I wanted to read stories about adults, because I wanted to be an adult.

Do kids want to read stories about other kids, or is that just what we feed them, and what we stock their section of the library with?

Maybe 5-year olds do, but I think by the time you reach the double-digits, you get enough of being a child in your everyday life. Why would children want to read about being children any more than office workers want to read about being office workers?
coyote Phil

Stupidity roundup

Today's moron is the NPR announcer who said that the price of crude oil has now dropped from over $140 a barrel, to less than $40/barrel, "due to a decrease in demand."

Why can't they just say "we don't know why"?

Why does the US spend $15 billion/year on space exploration, and $0/yr on economic research, when the price of oil can fall 70% without us knowing why?

The pictures from the Hubble are pretty, but I'd rather know what would happen if we raised the minimum wage.
coyote Phil

40 years warning not enough

Interesting factoid I came across:

In 1965, the President’s Science Advisory Committee warned in a report called Restoring the Quality of Our Environment that increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide due to the burning of fossil fuels would modify the earth’s heat balance to such an extent that harmful changes in climate could occur.
coyote Phil

When expertise makes someone incompetent

I went to to look up an article in last month's Wired magazine. As yet another demonstration that Wired magazine's obsession with graphic design and interface issues leads them to construct some of the world's worst graphic designs, their web page doesn't provide any way to browse past issues. I had to guess at the URL and type it in.