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Friday, February 10th, 2012

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Activism is not altruism
Two teachers at Miramonte Elementary School in southeast Los Angeles were recently accused of sexually abusing students. In response, the school board fired... the entire teaching staff.

Parents are protesting the response. Are they protesting because the school board made an insane overreaction? No; I heard interviews with parents on NPR today. Some are upset that they don't know the new teachers and don't want that much change. Some are upset that the school board disrespected them by not consulting them first. No one mentioned that firing an entire school's staff because of allegations against two of them is, maybe, extreme; or that employees should not be held responsible for allegations made against other employees in the same building. Everyone cares only about the impact on them personally.

I find this aspect the most disturbing aspect of the entire affair. Hundreds of people are engaged in this issue as activists, and not one of them cares about doing what is right. Everyone is just looking out for themselves.

I suppose this is how democracy works.

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