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Monday, October 2nd, 2006

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Don't be too evil
Google is getting a black dot by their name in my book.

I was about to buy a flash drive and wireless card from www.thecomputerwarehouseinc.com, because their prices are so good. But they were so good, I did some checking, and found out they're a known scam website.

But I nearly didn't find that out, because googling for "thecomputerwarehouseinc.com" turns up dozens and dozens of pages which are completely irrelevant, but have embedded Google ads from www.thecomputerwarehouseinc.com .

So I'm angry at Google on two accounts:

1. Why are they placing thousands of ads from a known scam artist?

2. Why aren't they filtering out their OWN ADVERTISEMENTS from their search results? Do they really think we want to be directed to web pages that have ads for another website? If I'm searching for "thecomputerwarehouseinc", and they find it embedded in a Google ad on a page, they should just return the linked-to page, NOT 20,000 completely different pages that have that ad embedded in them.

BTW, Yahoo is also still placing ads from this scam artist.

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