June 16th, 2006

coyote Phil

Play Six Degrees of LiveJournal!

Check on your recent Livejoural entries. Find a comment by someone, or go to their Friends list. Click on their name and go to their Livejournal. That's one degree.

Click on one of their entries. Find a comment by someone - preferably, someone you don't know. Click on their name. That's two degrees.

Continue until you are six degrees away from yourself. Reply to a recent post of that person. This is important; otherwise, you're just spam. (If you really can't think of a reply, use your browser's "back" button to go back to the 5th person, and find a new 6th person.) Then, at the end of your reply, write

I'm <a href="http://shagbark.livejournal.com/13192.html">six degrees of LiveJournal</a> away from you.

Then go back to your Livejournal, and make an entry telling what you found.

Special challenge: If you are a fen, see if you can get out of fendom in 6 degrees. :)

Here's where I went:
shagbark -> kyberneticist -> agentxs -> kdsorceress -> werewulf -> shadowcaptain -> tompurdue ->

New Princess Bride DVD

Obviously still in fendom. :P