June 14th, 2006

coyote Phil

GMail ads

If you have gmail, you notice they place ads on the right-hand side of your mail that is supposed to be relevant to the topic of your email.

Because the ads are never relevant to my emails, it's a kind of sport with me to try to figure out how they came up with the ads. Today I had this email thread about the website machineslikeus.com:

So who's the driving force behind this website, and why was it made?

It looks excellent, and a lot of work seems to be going into it, esp.
choosing the news items to list each day, but nobody's really posting
there at present. Good luck with it. Any plans for getting more
traffic? I have a lot of website ideas, but the hard part is always
getting people to come to the site.

- Phil


The objective is partly just to be a news site on stuff that Norm finds
interesting, and partly it's his contribution to the rational side of the
Creationism and ID "debate". He borrowed the name from me - I re-used it for
my AGIRI talk, in fact. Being an artist he's pretty good at design - it
looks quite professional, don't you think?


Here's the ads I got:

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Is it pushing Dr. Phil goods on me because my name is Phil? Does it somehow know that my username on the website is Doctor Phil? And what's your funniest gmail letter-to-ad mapping?