February 1st, 2006

coyote Phil

Ad nauseum

Ford has a new ad for the Ford Fusion van featuring... an iPod.

Apple didn't pay Ford anything for showing the iPod, and Ford didn't pay Apple anything to use the iPod. But see the potential here. This is a groundbreaking event for advertisers! After they had put ads in our mail, on our telephones, in our emails, and in our web browsers, it seemed like there wasn't anyplace left to put more advertisements. But now they realize that they can place ads... in other ads! And when they fill up the ads with ads, they can place ads in the ads in the ads... ad nauseum.
coyote Phil

Congress vandalizes Wikipedia

NPR says that Wikipedia, which has always been open to changes from anyone, today barred computers in the US Capitol buildings from making changes to Wikipedia. Wikipedia found that a congressman who, 8 years ago, promised not to serve more than 8 years, erased that information from the Wikipedia entry on him. So they checked their database, and found over 1000 edits made from computers on Capitol Hill, largely to censor out facts about congressman (many removed references linking them to Jack Abramoff), write glowing praise of themselves, or slander their opponents.

See NPR on Wikipedia.