November 9th, 2005

coyote Phil

Alito & Me

So the Dems are making a big fuss about the fact that Alito opposed O'Connor on a ruling on a Pennsylvania case, in which he said that a woman should have to notify her husband before getting an abortion.

I happen to think I'm a pretty liberal guy, even though Amyntas thinks otherwise. (You commie.) But I find it shocking that people could disagree with Alito on this. A husband and wife have joined their lives together, joined their bodies, and she can kill their unborn offspring without even telling him? We're not talking about asking for permission, just telling him.

In fact, I would go farther. I'd say that a woman should require her husband's permission to get an abortion. Because it isn't HER fetus - it's THEIR fetus.

If she really doesn't want to bring it to term, then that should be allowed as grounds for an immediate divorce. She can divorce her husband and have the abortion. If she's going to make reproduction decisions for the both of them unilaterally, then it's a sham marriage, IMHO.