November 2nd, 2005

coyote Phil

Affirmative action for the rotund?

I long ago noticed that minorities have the shit jobs in the places I work and frequent. The shit jobs that don't require talking to other people, like cleaning, are done by Hispanics. The shit jobs that do, like being a security guard, are done by blacks. This is a hard-and fast rule. I've encountered at least a dozen cleaning people, and they were all Hispanic. I've encountered hundreds of security guards, and except for one out in the suburbs at the Fairfax County office building, they were all black.

But I've more recently noticed that the black women in those shit jobs are always fat. Always. Some of the Hispanic women aren't, but the black women are always very fat. The men are sometimes quite fit, but the women - never.

What this seems to mean is that being fat is, for a woman, as much of an economic disadvantage as being black. Somewhere along the line, women are sorted into jobs by size.